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PAINT SOMETHING PART 3- now available!

In this painting course we will explore whimsical landscapes, trying out more of our doodles and exciting non-dominant hand drawings in our "banks".  Whimsy is the creative guide through this section of the course. I have, since starting these e-courses, fallen in love with painting on very non-traditional surfaces. So we will be talking about how to find the goodies to paint on, how to prep the surfaces and of course what to add to these unique canvases. In addition I have added a section on painting BIG! Like entire walls full big. This course is sure to get your creative juices flowing again. I hope you will join me!  Cost is $50.

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This is an introductory course into painting using my unique style and perspectives. Each module is broken down into simple aspects of the painting experience.  There are 20 posts in a pass-word protected online studio blog format. The blog posts contain yummy photos, organized and clear written content, inspirations, and of course videos of me painting. (I bet you can't wait to hear my southern belle self talk.) Here's a basic outline of what the 20 lessons will entail:

MODULE 1: How to set up your studio space so that you want to never leave. What supplies to be gathering. How to wrangle the ideas in your head. We'll be working in sketchbooks and of course some practice painting lessons. Yep. There will be homework.

MODULE 2: This is when the magic will begin. We'll explore how to take the images we've gathered and turn them into works of art. We'll dive into painting and share our experiences...including fears...along the way. I'll take the "I can't draw that" out of the equation so you can focus on painting.  This is my favorite part of the whole kit-and-caboodle.

MODULE 3: The mojo is kicking in and you can not stop painting!  And sketching. And gathering ideas. And... Because this module we'll be diving into the whimsical world. are smiling now. That's right. Exploring your inner child and drawing with the WRONG hand are all on the agenda.

MODULE  4:'s the last module. You are wondering how you are going to keep up. Stay motivated. Stay a doer. We'll talk about that this week. About the ebbs and flows of being an artist. I'll talk straight about my life as an artist and the times I want to throw it all away and forget it. And then I'll share some crazy cool extra techniques that bring it all back into focus and remind us all why we decided to take this course to begin with.

This course is designed for the beginning painter. It is completely self-paced. Once you have access to it the entire course will be live for you to access. You will have unlimited access after purchase. The course is password protected and intended for the purchaser's viewing only. Please note: you need to take this course in order to take Part 2.


So you took my first course and have been painting on your own for a spell. But need a little more accountability? This course is gearing up to launch and give you the extra push you need to get over the hill and coasting on your own.

MODULE 1: I'll discuss finding our own creative voice in a world bombarded with copy cats. How being an amateur in the art world is okay because it'll just push you to work harder at being authentic. I'll be sharing my work through videos and photos. 

MODULE 2:  We are digging deep and talking about composition and color. What makes a composition work and not work? How do we get the ideas from our sketchbooks to the canvas. Again, several video and photos blog posts.

MODULE 3: How do we share our work? Are we ready to be art sellers or are we painting just for ourselves? Where are the shows for me to be a part of? How do I price my work? I want to teach a do I charge? Many of you from PSW part 1 had these questions. So let's talk about them!

This course will be laid out as one large unit unlike the original Paint Something course. You can start from the beginning and go all the way through as quick or slow as you like. It is completely self-paced, chopped full of videos and photo posts similar to PART 1. We will be using flickr to share our work with my hopes that you will comment MORE on each others work. Sharing your work is very important to the creative journey at any stage. And this platform is safe and nurturing!  I also will be offering personal critiques via email. You will be allowed 3 image critiques in this course.


This sounds like the perfect painting e-courses for me. Now, the real question much does it cost? and how do I sign up for this awesomeness?

ON SALE NOW PART 3 for $50. For all three courses a combined price of $175.

Courses are available immediately!

SIGN-UP: below through Paypal (please select which course or all you are purchasing so you receive the correct password for the course)

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