Jenni is an artist.dream.doer....

                                               eager to share her whimsical style with you.

My work can be described as whimsically folksy and charming in nature. I love to tell stories about ordinary living through honesty and wit. There is an innocence about my work that reminds people that life is supposed to be this lovely, simple and inviting. Much of my work is reflective of my personal story, those who share my journey in life, and the things that bring me joy. I have found that by sharing myself through paint I am able to reach many people, bringing joy to their lives as well as mine. 

I truly have a teacher's heart. I enjoy sharing my love of painting with others, stressing along the way that finding your authentic voice is key to the growth of your own creative experience. I will be inspiring you to paint something through each e-course, making this on-line experience as personal as possible. Through simple directions and inspirations along the way I'll be guiding you through the creative process so that in the end you feel at ease with the materials and excited about the potential to create more. You will be a doer. a dreamer. and most important......AN ARTIST.

Feel free to email me with any concerns or questions regarding the course: