've gotten this far but still have a few questions.

WHAT IS THE CLASS AGAIN? PAINT SOMETHING a self-paced painting e-course

WHO IS TEACHING? artist and teacher Jenni Horne (

WHEN IS THE AMAZING E-COURSE HAPPENING? NOW......after purchasing you will be given an access code to the blog via email and have access to the site from here on out

WHERE DO WE TRAVEL TO?  Nowhere!!  This is from the comfort of your HOME. So it can be outside, inside, in the car, you name it! 

WHAT IS THIS GOING TO COST ME?  Part 3 is currently $50, part 1 and 2 $70 (USD) or you can bundle them all for $175 + supplies you choose to invest in for the class.


Some questions you have I might have an answer here goes:

*I've never painted before:  Well what in the world is stopping you?  Seriously. Join this class! The answer to a question never asked is always going to be no. Similarly, if you never pick up a brush and dip it into the paint you will never know if you can or not. You will love this class. I promise!

*I can't draw a stick figure: Really? A stick figure? Yes you can. A stick person is simply a series of lines put in a particular order to give the appearance of a man/woman. All kidding aside, one of the tricks I teach in all my painting courses is how to take the fear of drawing out of the equation. I teach you how to cheat. GASP! We  will also dive into the world of whimsical drawing. Where the imagination takes over and your opposite hand gets in on the artsy action.

*I'll be too embarrassed to share my work on the Flickr site: This is a tough subject for me to tackle because I personally love to share my work...the good, the bad, and the seriously ugly. With that being said, no one in the class is me but do not do anything that makes you completely uncomfortable. Sharing is an integral part of the the growth process in art making. In college I hated critique days. Now I realize the reason I hated them is because I was being told something about my art that I should have seen to begin with! In this classroom setting the comments and critiques will be only encouraging in nature. Using the Flickr site and making comments will also help make this class seem more personal. But again, your level of participation in this class is up to you. You are the only one holding yourself accountable. Everyone defines beauty in art in their own way. This is a perfect environment to share your work, especially as a beginner. I enjoy and appreciate art at many levels. With most of your classmates being new to the medium they too will be encouraged by YOU and inspired by YOU. So consider being a part of the Flickr group.

*I am already a seasoned artist. What will you offer me that is different from what I already know? Oh I'd love to have you so you can see that there are a million ways to MAKE ART!  Woohooo!! Plus having a seasoned artist would be spectacular in helping with offering advice and comments on classmate's work. I personally love to take other artist's e-courses. I find something to place in my bag of art trick's every time. Plus, we never stop learning. Ever. With every brush stroke and mix of paint we are learning and growing and strengthening our artistic voices. So join me and see what I have to enrich your palette.

*How much time is this going to consume? We are all beyond busy with our schedules these days. However, carving out time for creative growth plays an integral role in the happiness and fulfillment of life if you are a creative mind. If you truly want to take the class, you will be excited to come into the classroom AND you will miraculously find the time to be present in the course. The laundry can wait. The kids can entertain themselves. Carve out the time. Join me. You have access to the entire course starting July 6th. Again, I will stress that this is a self-paced course you are completing in the comforts of your own space. You are the only one holding yourself accountable. 


How do I register?  Under the register tab this will take you to the secure paying site Paypal. After your purchase look for an email to fly into your box containing a welcome letter and other details you'll need to get ready for the course. Be sure it's an email you check often as it's how I will keep in touch with you!

What supplies will I need to buy? The supply list and videos are in Part 1 in the very beginning of the course. The basics supplies I use are heavy body acrylics and wooden panels. There will be all sorts of other goodies I love, and you might want to purchase to enhance your overall classroom experience.

Do I have to be at my computer a certain time of the day? Nope. But that's the beauty of an online course. We can both be in our PJ's and no one will be the wiser. You can be my neighbor in Atlanta or laying under a palm tree in LA, the experience will be the same for everyone. You will want to take the time to visit the Flickr site regularly to comment and share your work.

What online tools will we need? You must have internet to access the site. Upon registering you will be given the secret password for the blog page in the site. Everyone has access to the e-course website, but only you will have access to the tab paint something: the classroom.  It's an honor system that you will be the only one using the password. I will be embedding videos into the blog for you to view, hopefully with no snaffles. This is my first experience teaching an online course. And although I am beyond excited, I am nervous as well because of the what if's and the computer! I also encourage you to get a Flickr account so you can share with the group. If you need any help setting this up please email me. The entire classroom site is hosted by Squarespace. If I can't answer a techy question for you, I'll get a helper to! Once you sign up you are a part of my artsy community. For like ever and ever. Amen.

When does registration close and open? You can scurry over and sign-up for the course TODAY! Registration will never close. 

How long can I access the classroom? From time of purchase until the cows come home. So in essence you can take the class....then take it again for good measure over and over. Also remember that the materials and content of this class are for your use only. Please don't share the assignments...the material in the blog are what YOU have paid for. Please share your experience and excitement for the class though. Make sense? Spread the paint something love all over the place!

How will I feel a part of the classroom if it's online? Fabulous question. First, you are going to join the Flickr group, share your work, comment on your classmates work and fall in love with painting all over again or for the first time.  I'll also be joining the conversation and giving teaching comments. Of course, always feel free to email me your work for private venting/help me/OMG what have I gotten myself into words of encouragement and kindness. One of my biggest proud teacher moments is realizing recently that none of my students ever say, "Mrs. Horne I can't do this....I don't know how.....I can't". They don't say these things anymore because they are given the tools, encouragement and inspiration to work confidently on their assignments. And so will you! Yeah! In the social media world always hashtag the course so we can see it in the search file #paintsomethingecourse

What about refunds? Unfortunately, I can't issue a refund should you change your mind. But you're not going to. You're going to be so excited about taking the class you'll want to throw more money at me!

Still have a question? Then email me!! I love the bing on my phone that an email has crossed the cyber lines.